Novak Djokovic about Jelena: We are very much alike, we love same things, same sports, same music, places,boks. We don’t need words to communicate, we know each other very well. I rely on her very often, she’s my support, and I found my stability with her. After more than 7 years, I can say that we grew up together. We went together through mistakes, discoveries. All those experiences changed us, but not our basics. We changed and coadjusted to life we were living and my job. We need balance and compromise in everything. It’s expected from a man to be a head of the family, at least I was raised that way,and I respect that part. But in my life with Jelena, I never felt the need to impose my authority to her, or something like that. Jelena is a very smart and educated woman, and I always listen her opinion on things and we usually make decisions about our future moves together. I would love to have big family, specially because I have two younger brothers, and I adore kids.

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Avengers mentions in Agents of SHIELD 1x19

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Lupita Nyong’o for People Magazine’s Most Beautiful

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"Sometimes," he says. "You meet someone, and think, this is it. But, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out. And you’re stuck. Because you want them, and need them, more than words can say.

You don’t run, because you can’t imagine life without them, and you keep quiet because you’re too scared to ruin what you already have. So you accept it, even if every time they smile you die a little inside, because you know these small deaths are nothing compared to the absence should they suddenly not be there.”  


Mysteriously, none of Felicity’s dates have been calling back lately.

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Ultimately, Barney and Robin are in love. I wouldn’t worry about them being tested. It’s their wedding weekend. They’ve passed the test.Carter Bays

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